Our marketing approach here at BUFF UK Limited, focuses on supporting the sports and activities we love through grassroots sponsorship. In addition, we believe in supporting our community through work with non-profit organizations such as the NAAF, Cancer Care, and Guide Dogs for the Blind. BUFF UK Limited also contributes to the work of specific charities for which our headwear products are of particular benefit (such as those supporting cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy).

Occasionally, we offer BUFF® headwear and support to other groups that demonstrate an approach to aiding community members and whose philosophy is consistent with ours.

To request sponsorship, please forward to BUFF UK a brief resume (outlining your organisation's goals, philanthropic mission, contact details and a brief explanation of why you're seeking support from BUFF UK Limited.) to will@buffuk.com. Due to the volume of requests we are receive, we will only respond to requests made via email, and it can take several weeks to reply so please bear with us and allow some time if your cause is time sensitive.

Competitions and events

Customised BUFF® Headwear is a great way to promote your event and is always popular with participants! We can customise most of our products to promote your event.  For more information, please refer to our customised web page. For smaller gatherings, we can provide BUFF® Headwear as unique, highly sought after prizes. BUFF® multifunctional headwear could be just the thing to make your event a success. To be considered, please forward your event's promotional poster (or flyer) along with a brief description of your event outlining the expected turnout and basic demographics of attendees, the event's website URL, your contact details and relevant shipping address info to sales@buffuk.com.

Note: To be considered for event sponsorship we must receive your request at least 1 month prior to the event or competition and you will be required to provide photos the BUFF® Headwear provided in use at the event and any other branding opportunities you are able to offer.


Due to the volume of requests we receive and a limited marketing budget, we do not currently offer financial or equipment sponsorships for expeditions or individual athletes. However, we do on occasion offer discounted one-time equipment purchases to expeditions. Additionally, for those athletes whose endeavours are particularly outstanding and can promote our objectives in a way that is consistent with our philosophy there may exist scope for sponsorship arrangements. For consideration, please submit a written proposal to sales@buffuk.com.

Please allow time for the review of your proposal. We'll do our best to review your materials and contact you as soon as possible but due to the volume of requests this can often take several weeks.


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