Walking With The Wounded BUFF

Walking With The Wounded is a charity established to support our
wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women back into employment
and independence.

The primary focus is employment but its programmes also tackle key
issues facing veterans such as homelessness, veterans in police
custody and mental injury.

“Put your BUFF® Original into action and sign up for WWTW’s Walking Home For Christmas or Cumbrian Challenge to support ‘Our’ Wounded.”

The charity undertakes high-profile expeditions to raise money and
awareness, which are entirely funded by corporate sponsors, including
the North Pole (2011), Everest (2012), the South Pole (2013) and the
Walk Of Britain (2015).

Find out more: wwtw.org.uk @SupportTheWalk

Thermal Comfort
Weather Conditions
Fabric Type
50 25 50 75 100
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